Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi talking to reporters in Ayodhya on Wednesday. Photo/ANI
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi talking to reporters in Ayodhya on Wednesday. Photo/ANI

Priyanka congratulates DRDO 'founded by Pandit Nehru' for Mission Shakti

ANI | Updated: Mar 27, 2019 21:30 IST

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Mar 27 (ANI): Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday congratulated the DRDO scientists for "Mission Shakti" while reminding that DRDO was founded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1950.
"I am very, very proud of DRDO, one of India's great institutions founded by Pandit Nehru in 1950," she said while speaking to reporters here at Musafirkhana.
Asked if it was being politicised, she said, "You know, several issues are being politicised which should not happen. According to me, elections should happen on real issues and I am saying that wherever I go."
Reacting to BJP's allegations that the promise of Minimum Basic Income is a bluff, she said: "Congress said farm loans will be waived and our governments did it in 10 days. Congress does not bluff. We do what we say. Those who actually bluff accuse us of bluffing."
"It is very important that this election is about saving the country. It will not be Rahul's (Congress president Rahul Gandhi) victory, it will be the country's victory," she added.
Priyanka remained non-committal when asked if she is planning to visit Ram Lalla at the disputed site here.
"I haven't worked my schedule yet," she said.
Commenting on the allegations that Gandhi family has been promising eradication of poverty since the last four generations, she said, "Are you trying to say that poverty has not diminished in India? Look around you. Obviously, some people are still poor. But there is a lot of work that is done."
Priyanka further stated that the suffering of farmers will be the defining issue in this election while accusing the Central government of neglecting the farmers and failing to provide jobs.
"Defining issues are that farmers are suffering and there has been no help from the government. There is nobody to support them. Jobs were promised but they were not given. No government has performed as badly as they have. The economy is in a shambles."
She also refused to confirm or deny if she is planning to contest Lok Sabha elections.
"I have not decided yet. If my party asks me then I will contest," the Congress leader said. (ANI)