Pro-Kannada activists demand existence of old flag, condemn setting up of committee

| Updated: Jul 20, 2017 21:06 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 20 (ANI): The pro-Kannada activists on Thursday demanded the old flag of the state to continue, while condemning the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) opposition to a Karnataka flag. The activists also condemned the setting-up of a committee to check on the "possibility of designing" the new flag. "There was no need to form the committee. The Government could take the decision as it is. We need to know why this committee was formed? There is a conspiracy behind. What was the need of a committee and new flag?" Pro-Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj told ANI. Nagaraj reiterated that there should no change in the Karnataka flag. "For 50 years, we have had this flag. Don't try to change this flag," Pro-Kannada activist Praveen Shetty told ANI. However, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has also defended the demand for a separate flag for the state, asking if there is any provision in the Constitution that prohibits the state from having its own flag. "Is there any provision in the Constitution that prohibits a state to have its own flag? Did BJP people come across any provision?" Siddaramaiah said. On July 18, the Karnataka Government constituted a nine-member committee to submit a report to the state government on the possibility of designing a separate flag for the state. The Committee was constituted after a representation was submitted to the state government by Journalist-writer and president of Karnataka Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Dharward, Patil Puttappa and social worker Bheemappa Gundappa Gadada. They had urged the government to design a separate flag for Kannada 'naadu' and accord statutory standing for that. (ANI)