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Kamaraj Nagar MLA John Kumar (Image/ANI)
Kamaraj Nagar MLA John Kumar (Image/ANI)

Puducherry MLA assures new roads after video of student request goes viral

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 00:11 IST

Puducherry [India], November 30 (ANI): Puducherry MLA John Kumar has assured new roads at the request of a school student on Tuesday.
A school student Dhanvik met MLA John Kumar earlier and requested that the government should help build new roads in his Kamaraj Nagar area. The video of his meeting with the MLA has gone viral on social media.
The Puducherry MLA spoke with ANI about the video and assured that the rods in the student's area would be constructed soon enough.

He further said, "Yesterday, a school student from Kamaraj Nagar, Dhanvik demanded new roads for his area. The school student requested me to do the necessary action to lay new roads".
Kamaraj Nagar MLA John Kumar told ANI after watching the video, "My heartiest congratulations to the boy for his social responsibility. Roads will be constructed soon as requested by school student Dhanvik".
About the further course of action, MLA John stated, "I will convey these demands to Puducherry Governor and to our Puducherry Chief Minister about the construction of new roads across Puducherry". (ANI)