Rahul, Akhilesh's camaraderie only till poll results, a dirty blame game awaits: BJP

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 4(ANI): Predicting a post-election fallout between Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance, Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) on Saturday asserted that the camaraderie of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is temporary which is set to doom the moment, the verdict is out in favour of BJP in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh(UP) assembly polls. BJP Spokesperson Shah Nawaaz Hussain told ANI,"Akhilesh couldn't change a thing in five years. Now, Akhilesh and Rahul are acting as each other's support system, but once the result is out, and the alliance rejected, you will witness a round of blame game. Congress would say they lost because of SP, and SP would say they lost because of congress" Hussain called out founder and patriarch of Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh as fickle-minded and his decision to campaign for both brother Shivpal or son Akhilesh as utterly futile. "Mulayam has to decide when and whom does he want to campaign for. He changes his statement overnight, says he would campaign for Samajwadi Party once, other day he backtracks and says he would not. In any case his campaigning or not campaigning doesn't register much of a difference", he added He said that Akhilesh, Rahul and Mulayam can take multiple rounds of the state but they can't hinder the momentum that BJP has gained over time. Criticising the episode as a calculated political gimmick he said, "To hide Akhilesh's utter failure in his stint as a CM this family drama was scripted,but today UP calls for the evaluative summation of those five years, something that which Akhilesh cannot provide", he added. Speaking exclusively to ANI, Mulayam earlier expressed his displeasure over the pre-poll alliance and categorically stated that he is against it, adding that he would not campaign in the state. "I am against the alliance formed between the Samajwadi Party and the Congress. I will never acknowledge this alliance. The Congress was in power for so long, but it did not do anything for the development of the country. I will not campaign in this election," he said. Mulayam further blamed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for going against his wishes and jeopardising the chances of his own party members He later backtracked from his statement and agreed to campaign for Samajwadi Party, stating that his preference would be tended first towards brother Shivpal then towards Akhilesh. The Samajwadi Party and Congress, earlier on January 22, firmed up an alliance and vowed to make Akhilesh Yadav the Chief Minister. Earlier on January 29, the duo in their maiden outing in Lucknow shared tight hugs and warm handshake besides donning same coloured jackets. Gandhi dominated the interaction comparing the alliance between the Samajwadi Party and Congress with the confluence of the rivers of Ganga and Yamuna that join at 'sangam' to form the river Saraswati. Akhilesh, in turn, pronounced that they were "two wheels of the cycle." The leaders also released the joint campaign slogan 'UP ko yeh saath pasand hai' (UP relishes this alliance). Uttar Pradesh will be voting for a new state assembly in a seven-phase election between February 11 and March 8. Out of the 403 assembly seats, the Congress will be contesting in 105 seats and the Samajwadi Party will field its candidates in rest of the 298 seats.(ANI)