Congress leader Anand Sharma (file photo)
Congress leader Anand Sharma (file photo)

Rahul at no stage expressed intent to hurt Prime Minister: Congress

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2020 21:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI): Congress said on Friday that the party or its leader Rahul Gandhi have at no stage expressed any intent to "cause any hurt" to Prime Minister and that his 'danda' remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi was an "expression about the desperation of the unemployed youth".
Party leader Anand Sharma told media persons here that several remarks have been made in the heat of Delhi elections and BJP leaders have also made "provocative remarks" for which they have faced campaign bans from Election Commission.
He said BJP is a political party and it cannot be equated with the country.
"The criticism of BJP or criticism of Prime Minister is not anti-national act. We want to make it absolutely clear Congress party and Rahul Gandhi at no stage have expressed any intent to cause any hurt to the Prime Minister," Sharma said.
"We are a party which is committed to Gandhian values and principles. We do not encourage an expression about the desperation of the unemployed youth merely to a situation, should not be attributed as Rahul Gandhi's or Congress Party's intent to cause any hurt to the Prime Minister's person," he added.
The Congress leader said the BJP cannot state that the campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah was "very serious and dignified".
"Their ministers have used provocative words and their continuation in the government reflects the true mentality (of BJP)," he said.
Sharma said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had accused the opposition of trying to spread anarchy in relation to protests over the National Population Register and Citizenship Amendment Act.
"These are big allegations but we did not interrupt the proceedings in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha," he said.
Sharma said the party criticises the government and allegation is levelled that the party is speaking the language of Pakistan.
"This is an allegation no Indian can accept. Criticism of government is our right and responsibility," he said.
Gandhi had said while addressing a rally at Old Delhi's Hauz Qazi that Modi will not be able to move out of his house in the next six months as "youth will make him understand that without employment, the country can never progress."
"Narendra Modi, who is giving speeches, he will not be able to move out of his house in the next six months. The youth of India will hit him with sticks," Gandhi had said.
The Prime Minister on Thursday gave a reply to Gandhi over his 'danda' jibe, saying he been abused sufficiently in the last 20 years that he has become 'Gaali-proof'.
"I have decided that I will increase the frequency of 'Surya Namaskar' so that my back becomes so strong that it can bear the assaults," Modi said. As Gandhi attempted to interject, Modi said he had been speaking for 30-40 minutes but the current has reached there now. "Some tube lights work like this," he said.
Modi also took a jibe at Gandhi over his 'danda' remark at a rally in Kokorajhar in Assam on Friday. He said that some leaders talk about beating him with sticks but he is protected by the blessings of "all mothers of India."
The Lok Sabha on Friday saw three adjournments following a scuffle between Congress and BJP members over Gandhi's 'danda' jibe as Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sought an "unequivocal condemnation" from the House over his "outlandish remarks." (ANI)