Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar (Photo/ ANI)
Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar (Photo/ ANI)

Rahul Gandhi does not represent farmers, is resorting to 'lies', says Narendra Singh Tomar

By Pragya Kaushika | Updated: Jul 26, 2021 21:12 IST

New Delhi [India], July 26 (ANI): Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Monday accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of "misleading farmers" on three new farm laws and asked if the Congress leader was "lying" in the party's manifesto for last Lok Sabha elections which talked of the repeal of APMC Act and freeing restrictions in inter-state trade of agricultural produce.
Taking a dig at Gandhi over his coming to Parliament on a tractor, Tomar said he does not have a right to represent farmers.
Tomar also criticised Gandhi for violating traffic rules when he drove the tractor with party leaders to parliament.
"I want to tell Rahul Gandhi not to mislead farmers as he does not have the right to represent farmers," the minister told ANI.
"It is because of his shallow thinking he has lost the position of leader who is accepted by all in his party. Rahul Gandhi is responsible for the state Congress is in the country," he added.
Gandhi had said he has brought a message from protesting farmers who are demanding repeal of the three farm laws.
"Several traffic rules were broken as so many people rode the tractor. This violation of traffic rules is condemnable and it does not set the right precedent," Tomar said.
He said Gandhi has to clarify whether he was lying or Congress lied when it listed provisions that reflect some of the spirits of farm laws in the party's election manifesto.
"Rahul Gandhi should clarify whether Rahul Gandhi was lying when (several provisions) of these laws were part of their election manifesto. Was he lying then or lying now? Rahul Gandhi has to explain this from Congress side," Tomar said.
While the Congress manifesto talked of the repeal of the APMC Act, the BJP-led government has said that the existing agriculture mandis will stay.
Congress manifesto also had several other promises which are part of new farm laws.
Tomar alleged that Gandhi does not understand the struggle and efforts of farmers and is resorting to "lies" to revive his political stature.
"Rahul Gandhi doesn't have any experience or pain for village, poor and farmers. In his unsuccessful attempt to revive his political stature, he speaks lies every day," he said.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday drove a tractor to reach Parliament in protest against the three farm laws.