Rahul Gandhi slams Govt. over 'anti-poor' demonetization

| Updated: Dec 21, 2016 22:34 IST

Mehsana (Gujarat) [India], Dec. 21(ANI): Alleging a nexus between the rich and Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said demonetisation is not aimed at curbing the menace of black money but harassing the poor and middle class. "Demonetisation move wasn't made against corruption or black money. It was against the honest poor people. Don't know why Modi ji did not target 94 percent of black money but the other six percent," he said while addressing a rally here. Referring to the writing off of Vijay Mallya's loan by the government, Gandhi said, "Modi ji cannot bring back money taken as loans by one percent rich people and hence he is using the money of poor to waive of this debt. When the Switzerland Government has given you the list of names of people having black money deposited in Swiss bank then why are you not disclosing their names in Parliament?" Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi's aim is to keep the common man's money in banks for at least six-seven months so that he can waive off the loans of rich. Speaking on the impact of demonetisation on farmers, Gandhi said, "A farmer does not purchase his seeds by cheque or card, but in cash. You (PM Modi) have taken away that cash from them." Gandhi's rally comes a fortnight after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a farmers' gathering in the same district, where he accused the Opposition of not allowing him to speak in Parliament over demonetisation. Mehsana is Prime Minister Modi's home district. It is also the economic hub of north Gujarat, where the Congress has a stronghold. (ANI)