Rahul not taken seriously even by Congress, he is like Uttara Kumar of Mahabharata: BJP

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Panaji(Goa)[India], Dec. 9(ANI): Coming down heavily on Rahul Gandhi for his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, the Bharatiya Janata Party( BJP) on Friday said that the Congress vice president was not taken seriously even by his own party, adding that he is like Uttara Kumar of Mahabharata, who makes tall claims but in reality is a coward and comic character. "Rahul Gandhi can be compared very well with Uttara Kumar of Mahabharata, who is known to make tall claims but he is indeed coward and a comic character. Along with that, he is not taken seriously by anybody because he simply does not deliver on the claims he makes. Rahul Gandhi is Uttara Kumar of Mahabharata and has no political gravitas to really make comments that make sense," BJP spokesperson G. V. L. Narsimha Rao told ANI here. Rao quirked on Gandhi by saying that even his own party does not take him seriously, adding that the Congress vice president is only familiar with culture of Italy and not of India. "Rahul Gandhi is not taken seriously by his own party let alone other parties. He tried to draw unwarranted comparison with the Roman Emperor because he is familiar with the culture of Italy and not of India," he said. Replying to the President Pranab Mukherjee's furious reaction over the continuous logjam in the Parliament saying "for God sake, do your job", Rao remarked that the Opposition should listen to the sane advise of head of the nation. "We hope that the opposition parties which have used parliament as a platform for disruption, a platform for staging protests without any clear demand, without any clear reasons. We hope that they will listen to the sane advice of the President of India. Parliament is not a forum for disruption and creating ruckus," he added. The BJP spokesperson criticised the Opposition for not using the august forum of Parliament to express the views concerning the public. "People elect member of Parliament to go and present their views. The Opposition parties have never used the forum of Parliament in the last one month to express the view concerning the public. They are claiming outside there are problems of the people but they are articulating their own problem by creating Parliament disruption. They are not using the august form of Parliament to express their concerns," Rao said. (ANI)