Rajput Karni Sena defends the right to stop 'Padmavati' shoot

| Updated: Jan 28, 2017 22:25 IST

Jaipur(Rajasthan)[India],Jan 28(ANI)The Rajput Karni Sena on Saturday defended its right to stop the shoot of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali- produced "Padmavati", and the assault on the director. Lokendra Singh Kalvi, of Rajput Kari Sena said "We told him(Bhansali) clearly, we wouldn't even allow a dream sequence between Allaudin and Padmini. In a meeting with Bhansali, I showed him one of Ranveer's interview suggesting such a development. Bhansali was also visibly shocked, and now they have asked for two days to answer us." Kalvi further said a distortion of history would not be tolerated by the Rajput Karni sena. "We would be skeptical until the film is out" adding also the question as to with whose permission were they allowed to shoot at the Jaigarh fort. "We had actually planned to protest against the filming tomorrow, but then we found out that the shooting is on in Jaigarh who's permission did they have? Jaigarh's owner, Police, forest? Nobody's. "Kalvi said that he has already filed his objection before the Rajasthan High Court, Information and Broadcast Ministry, and Censor board. " Refusing to apologise and placing the blame on Bhansali, Kalvi said the Sena were provoked into taking progressive action. "Yesterday, when we wanted to meet him, they called for an air-firing, three of our children were injured. If you try to incite a Rajput by arms and force it's your biggest mistake.I demand a CBI probe into the matter proving only that the Rajput forces are at fault and none of Bhansali's crew. Only reason yesterday's fiasco was their crew and security team", he added He said, "Bhansali himself told me yesterday to forget the morning incident, but I told him, I can very well forget the incident, but I won't forget history." He said, ''I come from the same legacy, even in the 28th generation, it's a matter of life and death if we tolerate such things. I am very proud of my heritage. We should all feel honoured as it's a god gift, and we must preserve it ". He also urged all Hindu religious groups apart from Rajputs, not to tolerate and rise up against Bhansali's meddling with the great legacy. He said, "My history teacher Dr. Bhargav, told me that these motely crew sitting Mumbai only understand the language of two things, either of Chandi (money) or Joota(shoes). I urged Shyam Bengal to take a call which mode will he prefer. All I am requesting them to do is to be mindful of history, in the building in which our ancestors laid down their lives. The pious queen who sacrificed herself with 16,000 queens, how can she dance with Alaudin Khilji in a dream." Bhansali was manhandled in broad daylight yesterday. Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Singh Kataria condemned the incient and said that a probe would be initiated . Twitter is abuzz with the comments and reactions of various Bollywood celebrities, including Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor to support the 'Padmavati' director.(ANI)