Rare two headed snake found in Chhattisgarh

| Updated: Jul 10, 2016 00:46 IST

Raipur (Chhattisgarh), July 9 (ANI): In a rare instance, a Saint Boa snake with two heads was found in Raipur's Nandanvan. The snake, said to be approximately 45-day-old, is non poisonous. "This kind of snake was never seen here before. We are looking after the snake. It will be showcased to the visitors. So, it has been kept separately, it is not poisonous. It is 10 centimeter long. The maximum length it can achieve is 20-25 cm," K.M. Dhangar, Deputy Ranger of Nandanvan, told ANI. Earlier on July 7, the Gurmitkal Police arrested two persons from Hyderabad on charges of allegedly transporting a two-headed snake in a car on the outskirts of Gurmitkal town in Yadgir district. As per reports, a case was registered in Gurmitkal Police Station and the snake was handed over to the Forest Department. (ANI)