Restive Kashmir: Centre has given up, President only ray of hope, says JD(U)

| Updated: Aug 22, 2016 13:55 IST

New Delhi, Aug 22 (ANI): Accusing the Centre of inaction in pacifying situation in the violence-hit Kashmir, the Janata Dal (United) on Monday said President Pranab Mukherjee is the only ray of hope in the nation, as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has given up as far as the Valley's situation is concerned. "Even as 45 days have passed on, the situation in Kashmir is still restive, and the Centre is doing nothing to pacify it," JD(U) leader Ajay Alok told ANI. "The President is the last ray of hope left in the nation. Only he can give a warning to the Centre. Because, the Centre has given up, they are just talking, but nothing is being done on the ground. Kashmir its under fire for the past 45 days," said Alok. "I would like to ask the BJP government that it made a lot of promises at the time of general elections, and now what is it doing? You forget Kashmir and speak of Balochistan. The nation is now in strange condition," he added. The Union Home Minister, while referring to the recent violence in the Kashmir Valley, urged the youth to pick up books and not stones. "Some people in order to serve their selfish motives are forcing the innocent children and youth of Kashmir to pick up stones... Is this not playing with their future? I want to tell those having such nefarious intentions not to encourage the innocents to pick up stones," said Singh at a function in Lucknow on Sunday. "These children are innocent and citizens of India...If there is a problem or difficulty, it cannot be solved through demonstrations, it can be resolved only through mutual dialogue," he added. Singh also lashed out at Pakistan and accused it of involvement in nefarious activities against India. (ANI)