Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a joint session of Parliament on Tuesday. Photo/LSTV
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a joint session of Parliament on Tuesday. Photo/LSTV

Rights, responsibilities go hand-in-hand: PM Modi calls upon citizens to fulfill fundamental duties

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2019 12:44 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 26 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave a clarion call to fulfill fundamental duties enshrined in the Constitution, saying that rights and responsibilities are closely interlinked.
Speaking at a joint session of the Parliament on the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, Modi said that the countrymen have been pushing for rights, adding that now we should also focus on fulfilling our duties.
"Rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand. Mahatma Gandhi had explained this relationship well... let us think about how we can fulfil the duties enshrined in our Constitution," the Prime Minister told the parliamentarians.
"Gandhi Ji had replied that we can only expect all rights when we perform our duties to perfection. Thus, according to the father of our nation, duties and rights were directly linked," he said.
"Right is duty well-performed," Modi said, continuing that "our effort should be to focus on duties in every public discourse".
Calling the Constitution as an outstanding achievement of democracy, Modi said the book has been working as the guiding light for crores of Indians who ensured that democratic values are upheld.
"To put the Constitution in simple words, I will call it a document of 'Dignity For Indian and Unity for India'. Our Constitution has given these two mantras. The dignity of the citizen has been kept supreme and the unity and integrity of entire India are intact," the Prime Minister said.
He also urged countrymen to think about how our actions will make our nation even stronger.
As Prime Minister Modi addressed the joint session in the Central Hall, several Opposition parties staged a protest outside the Parliament. The Opposition parties boycotted President Ram Nath Kovind's address as well.
Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi and party leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad, AK Antony among others boycotted the joint-session, protesting against the "murder of democracy". (ANI)