RSS creating tension in Jammu: Farooq Abdullah

| Updated: Oct 25, 2016 21:17 IST

Anantnag (Jammu and Kashmir), Oct 25 (ANI): Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Frooq Abdullah on Tuesday slammed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for creating tension between Hindus and Muslims by holding rallies in different areas of the Jammu region. Abdullah said the restive situation in Kashmir is yet to be resolved, and the RSS rallies are brewing tension in Jammu. "RSS is holding rallies in areas like Doda and Kishtwar just to create tension between Hindu and Muslims. We've been unable to address the problems in Kashmir, and now they are creating issues in Jammu," said Abdullah. He further said removal of Bakarwals and Gujjars from forest lands is also being portrayed as the work of Muslims. "Atrocities are being committed on Bakarwals and Gujjars. For the past 50-60 years, they are surviving in such difficult conditions. They are living there and protecting forests because their livelihood depends on that. And now, they are being removed from there and an impression is being made that Muslims are behind it," he said. (ANI)