Milind Deora speaking to ANI on Tuesday in Mumbai
Milind Deora speaking to ANI on Tuesday in Mumbai

Sanjay Nirupam’s duty to ensure all leaders work together: Milind Deora

ANI | Updated: Feb 05, 2019 17:39 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 5 (ANI): Former Congress MP Milind Deora on Tuesday asserted that it is Maharashtra Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam’s duty to ensure that all leaders work together, "even if they are angry."
Speaking to ANI Deora, said, “Sanjay Nirupam is our party's president in Mumbai, it is his duty to ensure that all leaders work together even if someone is angry or upset. However, I would also like to urge all other leaders to keep aside their personal differences and work together. There are differences in all organisations and parties. There is group-ism in all parties, what I have tried is that I bring all parties on one platform. And this is also what I keep telling Sanjay Nirupam and other leaders.
Deora's remark comes after various reports surfaced regarding a feud among Congress leaders in Maharashtra. 
Elaborating upon the party’s aim, he added, “We only have one aim, that is to remove Modi government from power. Rahul Gandhi is touring the entire country and is trying to get everybody together. Similarly, I think in Mumbai also we have to work together because if we don't work together we will not be able to fulfill Rahul ji's dream.”
Substantiating his stance further, Deora said: “If we have to remove this BJP-Shiv Sena government from Mumbai then we have to work together, whether it be me or Sanjay Nirupam or any other leader, we have to go between people and convince them that Congress is an option in Mumbai. If we don't do that it will be our loss.” (ANI)