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BJP National president JP Nadda (Photo/ANI)
BJP National president JP Nadda (Photo/ANI)

Sanskrit is a means of taking us from darkness to light, BJP govt promoting language: JP Nadda

ANI | Updated: May 07, 2022 18:06 IST

New Delhi [India], May 7 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party's national president JP Nadda on Saturday said Sanskrit is a means of taking us from darkness to light and the Narendra Modi government is working to promote the language.
He said various disciplines such as science, mathematics and philosophy have their roots in the Sanskrit language.
"The roots of Science, Mathematics and Philosophy are in Sanskrit. It is not just a language but a way to achieve advancement in various dimensions of society and a bank of our ancient knowledge. That is why it needs to be preserved," Nadda said.

He said, "Sanskrit is a part of Indian culture and BJP will always support those who are working to protect our culture." He added, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave no stone unturned to promote the language."
"Our (BJP) government is a proactive and responsive government. I assure you we will take all necessary steps to promote the language. Education is an important wing of any 'awake and alive' society," Nadda said.
Nadda said, "Wherever there is Sanskrit, there is a cultured society (Sanskriti)."
"The oldest book in history, Rigveda, is written in Sanskrit. It takes us from darkness to light," he added.
The BJP president was addressing a gathering at the Utkarsh Mahotsav event organized by Central Sanskrit University in New Delhi to promote the Sanskrit language across the country and beyond. (ANI)