Santa Claus from Finland coming to India

| Updated: Dec 02, 2016 14:10 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec.2 (ANI): Christmas spirit is all about compassion, love and generosity that bring people together. To spread this spirit, the real Santa Claus from Finland leaves every year from his home in Lapland, Northern Finland, to visit many countries all over the world. This year Santa will be coming to India with his goodie bag and the unmistakable "Ho, ho, ho" deep-throated laugh. The chubby and merry white-bearded man, clad in a red coat trimmed with white will begin his journey from New Delhi on 4th December and conclude it in Agra on 6th December. Santa says, "I am so excited to visit India and meet Indian people of all ages. As an ambassador of good will and peace, I wish to spread the magic of love and happiness where ever I go. I hope to meet many people during my trip and hear their stories. I am also looking forward to visiting important sights in India and, of course, tasting Indian food." The man that we all loved as kids! That plump, red fur coat-clad, big-fat sack carrying man, who comes on a sledge from the North Pole only to shower us with gifts! That man who made us believe whatever we'd ask for would magically appear in our stockings hanging out the window on Christmas Eve. Yes, Santa Claus, the man we grow up to learn is only imaginary will turn into reality and make all those stories true and memorable with his presence and make Christmas merrier than ever. (ANI)