Purushottam Joshi in Gondia (L); a senior citizen casting his vote in Mumbai (R). Photo/ANI
Purushottam Joshi in Gondia (L); a senior citizen casting his vote in Mumbai (R). Photo/ANI

Senior citizens enthusiastically cast vote in Maharashtra, Haryana

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2019 15:49 IST

Mumbai/Sirsa (Maharashtra/Haryana) [India], Oct 21 (ANI): Setting an example for the future generations, senior citizens in Haryana and Maharashtra turned out in large numbers to cast their respective votes on Monday. 

Both youngsters and senior citizens showed equal interest in exercising their franchise in both Haryana and Maharashtra

In Gondia, a 76-year-old man, Purushottam Joshi has been casting his vote for the past five and a half decades.

Urging youth vote in large numbers, Joshi said, “I appeal to youngsters to come and vote in large numbers, bring your fresh ideas and create the society you want to see in the future through your vote.”

“Through my vote, I wish to bring the change I want to see in the country and my state,” he added. 

Another Mumbai-based senior citizen, who came to exercise a vote in an electric scooter, aimed to spread the message of environment conservation.

“Factors that I kept in mind while casting my vote were nationalism, corruption and creating a Swachch Bharat,” he said.


Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Julio Ribiero also came out in Worli to exercise his democratic right.

Meanwhile in Haryana, one of the senior citizens in Sirsa expected tough competition between major political this time around.

“Major issues in these elections are water, education and unemployment in the state. The fight is expected to be tough between the parties this, let’s wait for the results,” he said.


A grandson, who brought his grandmother to cast vote, said, “My grandmother is almost 100 years old now. Even though she finds it difficult to walk or talk but she still teaches us about what kind of leader we should elect."

“We have voted for someone who will develop our region and serve our needs,” he added. 

The electoral fate of over 4,400 candidates -- 1,169 in Haryana and 3,237 in Maharashtra will be sealed in EVMs by the voters who will exercise their democratic franchise in the assembly elections.

Counting of votes will take place on October 24. (ANI)