Shiv Sena urges Maha Govt. to be transparent on Ganesh Pandey molestation case

| Updated: Oct 19, 2016 14:10 IST

Mumbai(Maharashtra)[India], Oct. 19(ANI): Shiv Sena on Tuesday urged the Devendra Fadnavis government to be transparent about BJP worker Ganesh Pandey molestation case after giving assurance six months back. Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gore has asked the Bombay High Court and National Commission for Women to monitor the State Women Commission's working. "What we are saying is that Ganesh Pandey is a BJP worker and co worker of Ashish Shelar and the victim women who has sent the letter to State Women commission has taken the name of many influential people," she said. "State Women Commission would investigate the matter and Chief Minister assured us on March29 in the state assembly that steps will be taken in this regard but six months have gone by and the State Women commission comes to the decision without proper investigation," she added "This is a grave situation that people who are fighting will get tired and still don't get the justice then who will watch the watch dog because it is the duty of Women's commission to protect the rights of women," she added. "In this situation we would urge National Commission for Women and High Court to monitor the State Women Commission. They should have given the report within 3 months and it was important to strengthen the report," Ghore said. "Our Chief Minister is also the Home Minister and he always talks about the women issues. It would be appropriate if the state government informs people about the issue," she concluded. Seven months after a senior office-bearer accused the then BJP youth wing chief of molesting a the 41-yearold woman at a hotel in UP during a three-day party conclave. The women has told the state women's commission that it isn't worth her time to chase the case against Ganesh Pandey, who was booted out of the party right after she levelled the charge. The woman had complained to the BJP city chief on March 22 that Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha chief Pandey, 35, had tried to kiss her in a hotel room in Mathura on March 4 to win a bet, days after which Pandey was stripped of his position and suspended from the party. .(ANI)