Silent rally held to oppose shutdown culture in Manipur

| Updated: Oct 08, 2016 13:59 IST

Imphal (Manipur) [India], Oct. 8 (ANI): Life in Manipur, known as the "Jewel of India", has often been disrupted by frequent strikes and shutdowns which have damaged the state's economy and affected the livelihood of the common man. Concerned over this, residents in Imphal recently took part in a silent rally to register their objections to this "shutdown culture". The economy, education and health services take a back seat during these man-made hurdles. The rally started from Thau Ground, Thangmeiband, and moved towards Keishampat Junction and back to the Thau Ground. Around 700 people participated, including students, transporters, entrepreneurs and women. L. Niranjan Singh, President, Progressive Manipur told ANI, "It's high time that, we take this matter up and show to the public that how many people can show the losses for the state and for the people , for our future generations. So, that's why we have come out. This organisation is represented by like-minded citizens of Manipur who think there is a need to find alternate ways to protest rather than calling for shutdowns". All through these years, the residents of Manipur have been silently suffering blockades and public curfews. Therefore, it is important that the people come together and work towards bringing normalcy back in Manipur. During the rally protesters carried placards reading, "Save our future", "Bandhs are expensive, peaceful protests are priceless", "No more bandhs", "Together against Bandhs". Such collective responsibility taken by the people of Manipur shows the urge for peace and development in the state. The opposition to bandhs and strikes is a step towards a better future in the northeast region. (ANI)