Situation in country fragile: Minorities Commission chairman

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Hyderabad [India], August 10 (ANI): Echoing the view of outgoing Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Minorities Committee Chairman Abid Rasool Khan termed the current situation in the country as extremely sensitive. In an interview with Rajya Sabha TV, Ansari said Muslims were experiencing "a feeling of unease". Speaking to ANI, Khan said, "Mr. Ansari's statements were absolutely true. The situation of the country is extremely fragile." He said the second largest population of minorities, including Christians, Muslims and Dalits feel under constant threat of being persecuted. He added that certain rules that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had adopted to safeguard minorities has not been put into effect so far. "Honorable Prime Minister has asserted time and again that he will protect the minorities, but the words haven't been filtered into action as yet," he said. He questioned the existing rules to protect minorities, claiming these laws are being manipulated by those in power. "These things make us feel whether the law is there at all and whether it really is helping us. The law has been manipulated by people in power. It is important for the prime minister and chief ministers of various states to come out strongly against people who are taking the law into their hands."(ANI)