Social activist demands immediate stringent action in Kerala rape case

| Updated: Nov 04, 2016 13:36 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Nov. 4 (ANI): Strongly condemning the behaviour of Kerala policemen with regard to a rape victim survivor, social activist Brinda Adige on Friday demanded immediate and stringent action against those involved in the 'shameful' act. "It is shameful and is something that should not be accepted by anybody. They should apologise, the DGP should apologise, the party leaders of those elected representatives; those have done this; should apologise and immediate and stringent should be taken," Adige told ANI. She said that it is unfortunate to hear of such incidents happening 69 years after independence in a state with a 100 per cent literacy rate. "It is shocking and very atrocious behaviour by policemen to actually ask such a question to a rape victim. It is an abuse and misuse of power and position," she said. On Thursday, a woman was allegedly raped by her husband's friends and was forced to withdraw her complaint after the policeman asked her "humiliating" questions. "Among the four, who gave you the most pleasure?" the 32-year-old woman, quoted one of the policemen, as saying. Two year ago, four men came to her home in Thrissur and informed the mother of two that her husband was unwell and that she should accompany them to the hospital. The men then took her to another house, where they took turns raping her and video-recorded the assault. Thereafter they dumped her at her home and left with a warning that the video would be made public and her children would be killed if she went to police. Their condition worsened when they filed complaint with the police station. A police officer even showed her how she could change the affidavit to be submitted to the magistrate. The men, however, continued to harass her even after she withdrew the compliant. (ANI)