Social activists condemn Nashik rape incident, demand fast track court be set up

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

(Mumbai/Bengaluru) [India], Oct. 10 (ANI): The incident of a 16-year-old boy allegedly raping a minor girl in Nashik drew widespread condemnation from social activists on Monday, and majority of them demanded that the accused be tried under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. Eminent lawyer and social activist Abha Singh told ANI, "It is shocking to hear the incident. In fact crime committed by boys of age 16-18 has increased by 400 percent and rightfully the government has reduced the aged to 16, hence this child rapist will be tried as an adult. A case of IPC 376 needs to be registered, he will tried for heinous crimes." Social activist Brinda Adiga said, "I can understand the pain and anguish of those people but as a society we are not taking responsibility, the only thing the media pores is sex and violence and this is what the youth are getting affected by on a daily basis. Now that the police have taken him it is more probably for his protection than looking for saying that they have found the culprit." A 16-year-old boy allegedly raped a five-year-old girl on Saturday in Nashik's Triambakeshwar village. The incident led local residents to set fire to a police vehicle on Sunday. The protesters have been demanding that the accused should be handed over to them for punishment. The police has asked the protesters to maintain calm and assured them of justice. The doctors have said that three gynaecologists are monitoring the victim constantly. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that a chargesheet has been filed against the accused. "The accused has been arrested and an order to file a charge-sheet at the earliest has been given," Fadnavis said. (ANI)