Sowing process of tulip bulbs on full swing in Kashmir

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Dec. 4(ANI): The sowing process of tulip bulbs is in full swing at the Tulip Garden of Kashmir, one of the most famous in Asia. Tourists from across the world prefer to visit Kashmir in spring, in the months of March and April. The authorities' open this garden during spring to start the tourist season. The Tulip Garden plays a major role in attracting tourists' on a large scale. So to make the tulip show successful next year, the authorities have started preparations, including the sowing of lakhs of bulbs in the garden. "The sowing of bulbs is a one month long operation, which first includes storage, second harvesting and finally sowing. We procure the bulbs from outside also because we are not able to meet all requirements. We are expecting around eight lakh tulip bulbs. We have around 52 varieties," a garden employee told ANI. "First we have to prepare the ground and after that compost and manure are to be added. We have to put different variety of tulips, which is time consuming. We have tried very hard that this year's tulip garden will be better than the previous year's. We have a lot of work this time, and after that, we have to do the dressing and cleaning, which is very important. If there's no rain, then, we have to give water as well," another employee said. (ANI)