Super bull Yuvraj finds a challenger in Maharaj

| Updated: Nov 01, 2016 14:00 IST

Hyderabad [India], Nov. 1 (ANI): Yuvraj, a giant 1400-kilogram Murrah bull, that has acquired national fame for its size, diet and breeding capacity, now has a challenger in the form of another bull named Maharaj, which was recently displayed at the Sadar Utsav here. Yuvraj stretches to 14 feet in length and is said to be over six feet in height. According to its owner Karamvir, Yuvraj drinks 20 litres of milk a day, gobbles up five kilograms of apples and 15 kilograms of very fine quality cattle feed. Yuvraj is well known in the country for generating 3.5 to 5 ml of very high quality semen everyday which is diluted to increase the volume to 35 ml. One dose of semen (0.25 ml) is normally used for artificially inseminating Murrah buffaloes, and its costs close to Rs. 1,500. A dairy farmer can earn roughly about Rs. 2, 10, 000 per day. Yuvraj's semen is in great demand in almost all northern states At this year's Sadar Utsav, another bull, Maharaj, has made an entry, and weighs around 1650 kilograms and is 6'1" tall. "We have had several offers from international companies and we are working with them," said Kotesh, the owner of Maharaj. Kotesh also said that different international companies have showed interest in hiring Maharaj and even an America-based company offered 15 crores. Sadar is a buffalo carnival celebrated annually by the Yadav community of Hyderabad as a part of Diwali. The buffaloes are decorated with garlands of flowers, painted horns, and paraded through the streets, often accompanied by the dancing crowd. The Murrah is a world famous high-yield breed found primarily in Haryana's Rohtak and Jind districts, besides in Western Uttar Pradesh. (ANI)