Sushma Swaraj meets Sufi clerics who went missing in Pak

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India] Mar. 20 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday met the two Sufi clerics, Syed Asif Nizami and Nazim Ali Nizami who had gone missing in Pakistan. Meanwhile, one of the Sufi clerics, said that they went Pakistan to spread the message of peace and love and will again visit there. "We went there spread the message of Nizammuddin Dargah of peace and love. There are people who disagree with this message of peace and love. They said they had gone to the interior province of Sindh. We did not. We don't have the visa for that place. We are thankful to the Indian government because of whom we are here. Negative people in Pakistan don't want us to go there again but we will go there again to spread the message if peace," Nazim Nizami told media here. Earlier in the day, hinting towards Pakistan's conspiracy to convict innocent Indians, Nizami said that one of the papers in the neighbouring country had printed false news of them being RAW agents. The cleric told the reporters that a newspaper 'Ummat' in Pakistan printed false statements of them being "RAW spies". "There is a newspaper Ummat (in Pakistan) which has printed false statements (of the two clerics being RAW spies) and photos," Nizami told the media here. The cleric thanked the Indian Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Swaraj, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh for their efforts. The two clerics, who belong to Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, marked a safe arrival in India earlier today. The two clerics surfaced in Karachi and told that they had gone to meet their devotees in interior Sindh, where there was no phone connectivity. The duo had travelled to Pakistan to visit their relatives in Karachi and then embarked on a pilgrimage to Lahore. One of them went missing in Karachi and the other in Lahore, reports claimed. The Indian authorities had raised the issue with the Pakistan Foreign Ministry seeking its help in tracing their missing citizens. (ANI)