Swamp deer rescued on outskirts of New Delhi

| Updated: Dec 01, 2016 14:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec.1 (ANI): A non-governmental organization (NGO), Wildlife SOS, on Wednesday rescued a 12 antler Sambhar or swamp deer on the outskirts of national capital New Delhi. The deer had strayed into a residential area from Dallupura village. The NGO was informed which sent its team to rescue the animal. "We set up a net and we trapped it (swamp deer) in it. After the deer was caught in the net, we covered its eyes and tied its legs so that it does not get troubled. We picked it up and loaded it in the ambulance, which is our tempo traveler, and now we will take it away. The doctor will examine it and after that it will be released in its natural habitat," said Harshad Solanki, a rescue team coordinator at Wildlife SOS. The swamp deer, also known as the Barasingha in India, is a deer species found in the northern and central Indian subcontinent. The swamp deer population outside protected areas has been threatened by poachers who trade them in local markets for their antlers and meat. Cases of wild animals straying into human settlements are not uncommon in India. More often than not, they are killed either accidentally or by people. Destruction and disturbances of wild habitats are the main causes for men and animal conflicts in India, where wild animals often stray into inhabited areas in search of food and prey. (ANI)