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SYL canal would have brought back terrorism to Punjab, says Capt. Amarinder

| Updated: Jan 29, 2017 11:04 IST

Bhatinda (Punjab) [India], Jan. 29 (ANI): Congress chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh while reminiscing about his decision of the 2004 Water Act has said that the reason for disagreeing to the construction of Satluj Yamuna Link Canal (SARYU) or SYL would have brought back terrorism in the state. "Had I agreed to build the canal, I could guarantee that terrorism would have come back to Punjab. That is why I say that the Supreme Court does not understand what it is doing. You have to first decide what the quantum of water availale to us is and whether Punjab has had done justice to it," Singh told ANI in an exclusive interview. Recently, the Supreme Court in an order held that the Punjab Government's 2004 law terminating the SYL canal water-sharing agreement with its neighbouring states is unconstitutional. The law was passed by the then chief minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh Badal, who after the latest court ruling along with 42 other Congress MLAs submitted resignation in protest. He said that back in 1966 when the Punjab state was created, all assets were shared in 60- 40 proportion with Haryana, except for water. 60 percent of the water from ravi, vyas and sutluj came to Punjab and while the remaining 40 went to Haryana (erstwhile Punjab), which already had yamuna and the Tajewaal headworks of 8 million acre feet water. He added that today Haryana has 40 percent land and 12 million acre-feet of water whereas Punjab has 60 percent land and only 8 million acre-feet of water. Singh said that during his 2004 decision, he even went against the party high command by not seeking their permission to pass the law as he knew the answer would be in negative. "I agree with what I agree is right for the state. Why did I do the water agreement without the agreement of my party authority? Mrs. Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) did not know, the (then) Prime Minister did not know (about the agreement). They couldn't say yes, how could I have asked them," he said adding that "when Mrs Gandhi eventually met me after six months and asked that why I didn't consult. To this when I asked her that would you have said yes, she said no." The chief ministerial candidate said that he is aiming for a win by 2/3rd majority in the upcoming polls so as to bring in new laws for the betterment of Punjab. Further talking about his plans for the welfare of Punjab, Singh said that he would work towards reviving the agriculture sector in the state. Eradicating the drug menace will also be on his priority list as he said action would be taken for the same within four weeks of his tenure if he wins. (ANI)