Telangana CM meets PM Modi, discusses matters pertaining to state

| Updated: Apr 25, 2017 01:25 IST

New Delhi [India] Apr 24 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao today met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in request to the Central Government about the releasing of pending state files as well as about increasing the assembly seats in Telangana. The Telangana Chief Minister also discussed about IT exemption to the trades and professions connected to the agriculture sector, people living on these trades will be benefitted the most, is what he feels. "The entire income generated through agriculture is being exempted from paying IT now. There are several professions; trades solely depended on agriculture sector in the rural villages. Several BC Communities are living on these professions. Sheeprearers, Fishermen, Weavers, washer men, Hairdressers etc, are virtually eking out a living out of their family professions. They are doing highly laborious work and some of them are also in artistic work," said Rao. The Chief Minister further stated that he wants an Act that should be passed in this regard. "Taxing the income that they are getting is not justified. Giving exemption to these professions and trades will help and support these people in a big way. Not only people in these hereditary professions will get help but it also strengthens the rural economy. In our State, we are encouraging sheep rearing, fisheries and other such professions. We have allocated huge funds in the Budget. In future, thousands of crores worth business will take place through these hereditary professions. These people will become economically strong. Such hardworking people should not be taxed," the Chief Minister opined. Concerned about the state's interest, Rao also asserted that states are not at loss due to the GST and should not be. "We have brought in GST with the slogan, one country one tax. We have also accepted it. Ensure that the state's are not at loss due to the GST. Take steps that the State's economy is not adversely affected. State's interests should not suffer. We need more clarity on this. By implementing in the country GST without causing loss to the States will be beneficial to the nation," said Rao. Further speaking to Prime Minister Modi, Rao stated that SC/STs should be give reservations. "There are several states in the country and in each State the social composition will be different. The Constitution has stipulated that SC/STs should be give reservations. In States where SC/ST population percentage is more, the reservations percentage is above 50 per cent," said Rao. The Telangana Chief Minister requested the Prime Minister to pass an Act in the Assembly enhancing SC/ST/BC/Minorities reservation percentage. "In the states where there is considerable OBC population, they are asking for reservations to them based on education and economic backwardness of the communities. 69 Per cent of reservations are being implemented in Tamil Nadu. In Our Telangana State SC/ST/BC/Minorities are more. A majority of these communities are poor. There are many communities and castes, which are economically and educationally backward. In order to encourage them, we have passed an Act in the Assembly enhancing their reservation percentage. We need the Centre's approval for this. Similarly, the issue regarding how much percentage of reservation is to be given for education and employment sectors should be left to the discretion of the states," said the Telangana Chief Minister. Also, Rao appealed to Prime Minister Modi saying the Centre should respond on the SC categorisation issue. "There is a long pending demand in Telangana State for the categorization of the SCs. The demand has support from the people. There is a justice in the demand. Hence, the Centre should respond on the SC categorisation issue. A Bill in this regard should be introduced in the Parliament," said the Telangana Chief Minister. The Chief Minister further requested Prime Minister Modi to take measures to increase the Legislative Assembly Constituencies in Telangana state based on the AP Re-organisation Act. "The bifurcation of High Court needs to be done quickly, release of Rs. 1400 Crore funds which is due from State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Managment and Planning Authority (CAMPA) from the Centre, should recognize Kaleswaram project as National Project and release the funds," said Rao. Prime Minister Modi has positively responded to each and every issue raised by the Telangana Chief Minister and assured that he would take action. The discussions took place in a cordial manner with the intention of solving the people's problems. Meanwhile, Rao who met Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad requested him to get approval for the new Land Acquisition Act passed by the Telangana Assembly. The Chief Minister said the ousters will get major benefit in short time under the new Act and the construction of projects will also speed up. The Union Law Minister immediately gave his ministry's approval and assured his ministry's cooperation on the matter. Prasad also responded positively on the bifurcation of High Court. (ANI)