Telangana govt. to help farmers, provide tech support

| Updated: Dec 29, 2016 22:19 IST

Hyderabad(Telangana)[India], Dec. 29(ANI): Telangana Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao on Thursday said the government would seek help from the farmers and give technical support to them and develop more irrigation schemes. "There are many successful irrigation schemes which are doing good with the contribution from farmers. There are numerous farmers groups who have provided water to 5000 to 10000 hectares of agricultural land from last 10 to 15 years, so we will seek their help and give technical support to them and develop the schemes," he said in the assembly. Earlier, Legislative Assembly witnessed a heated debate over the passage of a Bill paving way for land acquisition for crucial projects, including the irrigation projects and those vital for national security. Rao, who introduced the Bill - The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Telangana Amendment) Bill 2016. This Act aims to remove certain provisions that, the government feels, were obstructing its developmental plans.(ANI)