PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Ambedkar Nagar on Wednesday (Photo/ANI)
PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Ambedkar Nagar on Wednesday (Photo/ANI)

Terror factories in Pak looking for a "weak" govt in India: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2019 20:34 IST

Ambedkar Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 1 (ANI): Accusing SP, BSP and Congress of being soft on terror, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said factories of terrorism are still operating in Pakistan and were looking for a "weak" government in the country.

"Be it SP, BSP, Congress or any other 'mahamilawati,' they have an old record of being soft on terror. Our agencies would catch terrorists and they (governments formed by these parties) would leave them," he said, addressing an election rally here.

Modi referred to the recent Easter Sunday attacks that rattled Sri Lanka while reminding people of past terror strikes in India.

"We recently saw what happened in Sri Lanka. The situation was almost similar in India prior to 2014. We cannot forget the blasts that had happened in Ayodhya and Faizabad. We cannot forget the days when blasts would happen at some place or the other every other day," he said.

"In the last five years, such news has stopped coming. But this does not mean that terrorists have been finished. The factories of terrorism are still operating in our neighbourhood," the Prime Minister said, adding that one of India's neighbours only exports terrorism.

"They only have this one industry of exporting terrorists and terrorism. These terrorists are waiting for a weak government in the country. They are looking for an opportunity for us to lose focus," Modi noted.

He also said, "The country is on the path of new India which will not disturb anyone but will not leave anyone who disturbs the country. We will reply to bullets with bombs."

Sharpening his attack on opposition parties, the Prime Minister accused SP and BSP of deviating from their ideologies.

"Be it SP, BSP or Congress, it is necessary to know their reality. Behen ji (Mayawati) used the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar but she did everything which is just the opposite of his principles," he said.

"SP used the name of Lohia ji all the time but by their conduct, they not only destroyed the law and order situation of UP but also brought a bad name to his principles," he said.

He attacked Congress, alleging that it has only misused the poor and labourers as vote bank.

"The Congress party which raises slogans of removing poverty should have shown concern about labourers as well. By dividing workers and the poor into vote banks, these people have only benefited themselves and their families," Modi.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the recently concluded Kumbh at  Prayagraj and the 'Deepotsav' that was organised in Ayodhya during last year's Diwali festival.

"Kumbh Mela has also been happening since thousands of years. But the divinity and grandeur which was seen this time in Prayagraj were unprecedented," he said.

Modi said that his government is working towards developing 15 circuits, including Ramayan circuit, Krishna circuit and Buddha circuit. "As a part of Ramayan circuit, we are developing all the key places related to Lord Ram from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram," he said.

Ambedkar Nagar parliamentary constituency, which borders Ayodhya, will be voting in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 12, whereas Faizabad will go to polls on May 6 in the fifth phase. (ANI)