The book is clearly on my life: Congress leader Margaret Alva

| Updated: Jul 16, 2016 23:11 IST

New Delhi, July 16 (ANI): Senior Congress leader Margaret Alva on Saturday said her book 'Courage and Commitment' is based on her life and is not about her conflict with Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Alva said her book contains important events of her life, including her resignation letter, but unfortunately the whole thing has come out to be a battle between her and Gandhi. "My book is the story of my life, ok! From 42 to 2014. There are many events which were part of my life, not only my letter of resignation. Unfortunately, the whole thing is sort to be made into a battle between Sonia Gandhi and me," Alva said. Revealing more about her relationship with Gandhi, She said,"That is why, I have clarified that I have the greatest respect and affection for Sonia ji and I have worked very closely with her, I still admire her and I have not written this book to get even with anybody, right! But somehow the impression is sort to be created that there is a conflict, which there isn't and this is what I have clarified today and my relationship with her has been personal as well as political." Alva said she had given the first copy to her husband and the second to Sonia Gandhi. "This is all untrue that I have written a story of my conflict with Sonia Gandhi," she said. When asked, why she was espousing a Uniform Civil Code, Alva said there is a need for common civil code to cover all religions, as there is discrimination in each personal law, which particularly affects women. Alva said, "I'm also a minority, I am a Christian. I have believed, but not today, but even in parliament or even earlier, I've been saying that there need for common civil code to cover all groups all religions. There is discrimination in each personal law, which affects particularly women and there has to be debate, there has to be discussion and a consensus has to emerge." "So, let us see what I personally think, it is in the interest of the country of all communities to be able to be governed by common civil code, it doesn't mean that Hindu court can be imposed on to anybody. It is that all would have to give up something to be able to work out a consensus. I think this is very necessary, the time has come to think about it," Alva added.(ANI)