Thirsty Cobra drinks water from a bottle in Karnataka village

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Kaiga (Karnataka) [India], Mar. 30 (ANI): In desperate need of water, a deadly but dehydrated King Cobra accepted water from a bottle offered by kind-hearted wildlife rescue work in a drought-hit village in Southern Karnataka state recently. Forest officer C.N. Naykka and snake expert Raghavendra offered the 12-feet long Cobra water from bottle. Footage in different websites shows the dehydrated extended its neck and sipping water from the bottle gladly in a village in the Kaiga township of Karnataka's Uttara Kannada district. The snake was later taken to an animal care facility. King Cobra can mostly be found in the forests of India and Asia and is a species of venomous snake belonging to the Elapidae family. Karnataka is in the throes of a drought for the third consecutive year. (ANI)