This girl from Lucknow decided to vote before leaving for husband's home

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb.18 (ANI): Considering the fact that each vote matters in an election and acting as a responsible citizen, a bride hailing from poll-bound Lucknow decided to cast her vote first and depart for the groom's house later. Manisha Kashyap's marriage was finalised almost a year back on February 18, 2017. So, when polling day coincided with the wedding, she decided to fulfill her democratic duty before going ahead with the 'Bidaai' ceremony on February 19, that is the polling day for Lucknow. "Every girl should understand her rights and she must raise her voice there and then if there is any issue," Manisha told ANI. "Initially, it was hard to convince my parents and in-laws, but eventually all of them understood me and supported me," she added. Finally, Manisha's in-laws who were coming from Gujarat decided to proceed with the 'Bidaai' ceremony on February 21, instead of February 19. "I was happy with her decision and there is a message for the whole nation, that every daughter, every son and all the citizen should exercise their right to vote," Manisha's father told ANI. Manisha's friend said, "Manisha's decision has inspired us a lot and I want every girl to raise her voice for her needs and as voting offers every citizen a medium of expression. We get this chance once in every five years; we should not miss it. As by casting our vote, we are able to get the best candidate elected. At the end, it is only the voter who has to suffer through poor governance. Therefore, each and everyone should vote."(ANI)