Those against note ban doesn't mean they favour black money: K T S Tulsi

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 3(ANI): Senior Supreme Court counsel K T S Tulsi has asserted that parties who are against demonetisation doesn't mean that they are in favour of black money and added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to give clarifications on the November 8 decision. "Somebody is against demonetisation doesn't mean that they are in the favor of black money. This is the long jump that Prime Minister Modi has taken and he needs to explain his statement or withdraw it, so the whole issue will be over and the parliament will begin to function," he said. "Government is standing on its prestige. There has to be some flexibility to enable the Parliament to function. You have to give and take. Opposition's demand is that you have painted the country with the same brush and saying that they are in favor of black money," he added. Tulsi alleged that it seems the government is not interested in debate that's why no effort is being made to persuade the opposition. Both Houses of Parliament were regularly adjourned as ruling government and the opposition locked horns over the demonetisation issue. (ANI)