Threat of war from Pakistan shouldn't dissuade India from hitting back: R.K. Singh

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 20 (ANI): Former union home secretary and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader R.K. Singh on Tuesday said that India needs to be far more aggressive towards Pakistan to dissuade it from continuing with its terror activities. Singh told ANI that isolating Pakistan is not a sufficient sort of a response. "A sufficient response would only be if you are able to hit back and extract at least double the amount of casualties which they inflicted upon you. The response has to be dissuasive. The Government should hit back. If Pakistan wants to escalate that, let them escalate, we should be ready for it. If they want to escalate it to war, then fine. But threat of war should not dissuade you from hitting back," he added. Further escalating his attack on Pakistan, Singh the attack should be in physical terms as the Uri attack was a physical one. "So, diplomacy and all that is okay but that's not going to actually assuage the heart of the nation. This is a terror attack on India. The location happened to be Uri but the terrorists who were sent across by Pakistan Army were from Pakistan. They are not from Kashmir. they are from Pakistan. The location just happened to be Uri. Before that, it was Pathankot, it's a terror attack on India," he added. Singh said all the political parties should come together and join hands in fighting terrorism. "You hit back, if they escalate it, you be ready to escalate it higher. You can never hermitically seal the LoC or any border for that matter. Determined infiltrators will cross. You can't prevent all infiltration. The way to stop this is to hit back so that the other party thinks twice before trying it again," he added. Singh said the government has some advisors with low Intelligent Quotient and because of that India's response has not been what it should have been over the years. "Our response should have been more robust. I believe that after the attack on the Parliament, we should have hit at Pakistan, we should have gone to war if necessary. Most countries were fully expecting us to attack. We should have done it," he added. In one of the worst attacks in recent times, as many as 18 soldiers were killed and over 20 others got injured post the terror strike on an army camp close to the headquarters of the 12th Brigade at Uri in Baramulla district on Sunday. After giving an assurance of going after the perpetrators of the deadly Uri attack in which 18 army soldiers were killed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday gave the green signal to diplomatically isolate Pakistan at every international grouping. According to sources, India is to present all actionable evidence against Pakistan if required at international bodies. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) earlier today filed an FIR in the terror strike case and a six-member team will soon visit the site of the attack to collect the evidence in the matter. According to sources, the NIA will collect the blood samples and finger prints of the four killed terrorists in Uri. The Army is set to handover all items recovered from the killed terrorists including weapons, navigation maps to the NIA for further investigation. The NIA will also send the GPS and icon satellite set to the United States for forensic investigation to find out what route the terrorists chose and when and how they entered Indian territory. Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh chaired a high-level security review meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) over the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir post Uri terror attack. Meanwhile, the nation is paying an emotional tribute to all the 18 Indian Army bravehearts, who lost their lives in Sunday's dastardly militant attack in Uri. The mortal remains of all the Uri bravehearts have been taken to their ancestral places for the last rites. (ANI)