Tibetan activists protest in Margao against China's illegal occupation of Tibet

| Updated: Oct 15, 2016 21:52 IST

Margao, (Goa) [India], Oct. 15 (ANI): The Tibetan activists staged a protest in Margao on Saturday against China's illegal occupation of Tibet. The protestors raised 'China out of Tibet now' slogans and held placards which read 'Free Tibet and 'end the occupation'. One of the protestors stated that he was protesting due to loss of religious freedom and freedom in general in Tibet. "We are protesting here because China has illegally occupied our nation and killed our brothers and sisters in Tibet. They are demolishing our monasteries in Tibet, like Larung Gar. We want human rights in Tibet," said another protestor Tashi. Tashi further said that several people have been killed but there has been no help so far. "We have no human rights in Tibet," he added. Another protestor named Tenzing urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring the Tibetan issue during the ongoing BRICS Summit so that China is aware of the fact that New Delhi supports their cause. "We have two main demands. First is about China occupying Tibet illegally and second is that there is a Tibetan base called Larung Gar which is being destroyed by the Chinese Government and lots of Tibetans are becoming homeless," he added. The Goa Police later detained 43 protesting Tibetan activists including 12 women. The protest took place on a day when Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the Goa capital to attend the BRICS Summit. Earlier on Friday, a number of Tibetan students had also staged a protest outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. (ANI)