TRS MP K. Kavitha celebrates Bathukamma Festival in San Fransisco

| Updated: Oct 03, 2016 16:42 IST

San Fransisco [USA], Oct. 3 (ANI): Member of Parliament and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) founder Kalvakuntla Kavitha celebrated the 14th Bathukamma Festival organized by the Telangana Cultural Association and Telangana Jagruthi here. Telangana Cultural Association is a US based Non-Profit Organization associated with Telangana Jagruthi and is supported by Telangana American Cultural Association (TATA), who organised the Bathukamma Festival of great religious importance at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall. Bathukamma Festival has historical importance and it is attended by all the neighbouring states of California. It is one of the biggest and oldest events organised overseas. Number of the Indians irrespective of their region and religion attend the festival every year here. Bathukamma is a colorful and vibrant floral festival of Telangana celebrated by women, with flowers that grow exclusively in each region. The festival celebrates the inherent relationship between earth, water and the human beings. During the entire preceding week, women make 'boddemma' (a deity of Gowri - mother Durga - made with earthly mud) along with Bathukamma (flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers most of them with medicinal values) and immerse it in the pond. This helps reinforce the ponds and helps it retain more water. The festival heralds the beauty of nature, collective spirit of Telangana people and also the scientific approach of the agrarian people towards preserving the resources of nature in a celebrative way. (ANI)