Trump's harder stance towards Pak not good news for India: Defence Expert

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI): Cautioning India to not to be happy about United States hardening its stance towards Pakistan, the defence experts on Wednesday said New Delhi should know that U.S. President Donald Trump would not target those terror groups which target our nation, because he does not see terrorism holistically. Defence Expert Brigadier Mahalingam explained the reasons which compel U.S. to maintain relationships with Pakistan. He also said that if Trump says that they will target militant groups, he is hinting solely at Haqqani network. "As far as U.S. is concerned, it does not look at terrorism holistically. It looks only at those terrorists who target U.S. and cause casualties and harm to United States. How much will he do it, it is a question we need to ask him because as far as U.S. is concerned, it is dependent on Pakistan for logistics of troops who will be stationed in Afghanistan. Therefore, United States has no option but to continue with Pakistan relationship. Lastly, India must remember, U.S. is not going to target those terror groups which target India, like LeT, JeM, or Hijbul Mujahideen at any cost," Mahalingam told ANI. However, another defence expert P.K. Saihgal held an absolute different opinion and said that such a decision would be extremely good, not only for this region, but for peace and stability in South Asia as well. "It is absolutely imperative. America has got huge amount of interest in half-Pak area and it is Pakistan which is destabilizing the situation of Afghanistan in a very major way. Pakistan has been using double standards. It has been using money, weapons, which are provided by U.S., to target American soldiers and native soldiers instead of going after the Haqqani network. As far as Trump is concerned, he has categorically told Pakistan that if they don't go after them, which they haven't done so far, they will consider carrying out mega strikes, precision strikes against the Haqqani network and others on their own," Saihgal told ANI. Reportedly, Trump is planning to pose a harder face towards Pakistan to crackdown on the ever-growing terrorism in the region, which has led to violent attacks on Afghanistan. (ANI)