Turkey still not coup proof, says expert Uday Bhaskar

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, July 16 (ANI): Defense expert Uday Bhaskar on Saturday said Turkey is still not coup proof. Bhaskar said that though the government of President Erdogan has gradually regained control, there are still reports of some helicopters dropping bombs, and one of them had even fallen outside the parliament complex. "As far as the domestic politics of Turkey is concerned, it also has implications on the entire region. I think at this point, as we are speaking, it appears that President Erdogan and his government have been able to gradually regain control, but there still are some reports about some helicopters that are dropping bombs, and one of them has fallen outside parliament," Bhaskar told ANI. He added that the situation is a bit turbulent as many civilians and police officers are supposed to have lost their lives. Bhaskar further said, "So, to that extent, it has been fairly bloody, but as of now, as we speak, it appears that President Erdogan and his own government have been able to foil the coup." "The fact is that Turkey is still not coup proof, I think that is a very very serious challenge for the internal dynamics of Turkey," Bhaskar added. "So, I think the challenge of President Erdogan will be to deal with the internal structural problems that we are now seeing," he said. About 60 people have been reported killed and over 120 injured during the attempted military coup. The United Nations has said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed concern with the fast-moving developments in Turkey and has appealed for calm, non-violence and restraint. In a statement issued in New York, the U.N spokesman said, "At this moment of uncertainty in the country, the Secretary-General appeals for calm, non-violence and restraint. Preservation of fundamental rights, including freedom of speech and assembly, remain of vital importance." "The Secretary-General underscores that military interference in the affairs of any state is unacceptable. It will be crucial to quickly and peacefully affirm civilian rule and constitutional order in accordance with principles of democracy," the spokesman added. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, "Just spoke to Turkish FM. I call for calm, restraint and full respect for Turkey's democratic institutions and constitution." The United States has called on all parties in Turkey to support President Erdogan's government against a coup attempt. Speaking jointly after talks in Moscow, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said they hoped that stability would prevail in Turkey and bloodshed would be avoided. Meanwhile, India has called upon all sides to support democracy and mandate of the ballot, and avoid bloodshed. Turkey has a history of coups with governments ousted on three occasions in the last decades by full military coups. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the "situation in the country is largely under control". He said a national curfew was announced, and other security forces had been called in to "do what is necessary". He said 130 soldiers detained in the coup attempt. (ANI)