Udaipur irrigation dept. bans use of smart phones inside office premises

| Updated: Aug 07, 2017 01:19 IST

Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India] August 6 (ANI): At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government is making relentless efforts in digitizing India, Rajasthan's Udaipur irrigation department has issued notice banning the use of smart phones by employees inside official premises. According to the notice, the implementation of the order will be brought in effect from August 8. The Rajasthan Government has also declared a fine Rs. 500 for the defaulters. In the order it has been made clear that the use of smart phones has been banned to prevent employees from using social media sites and ensure uninterrupted work environment. However, employees in the office have shown their resentment towards the circular. Interestingly visitors will be also not allowed to carry a smart phone inside the office premises. "In case any visitor has a smart phone, he or she needs to deposit it outside the office. In case they are found using a smart phone they will be also fined Rs 500 which will be deposited in the treasury," order states. (ANI)