Ujjain residents offer Diwali crackers to beloved Lord Mahakaleshwar

| Updated: Oct 30, 2016 15:05 IST

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Oct. 30 (ANI): There are many ways that people across India celebrate Diwali, and one such way can be found in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where inhabitants offer crackers to their beloved presiding deity Lord Mahakaleshwar. The three-storied temple dedicated to Lord Mahakaleshwar is said to date back to pre-historic times. It is said to have been established by Prajapita Brahma, according to Puranic texts. It also finds a mention some ancient Indian poetic texts. For several decades now, a tradition has been going on of offering firecrackers to the deity in return for his blessings. The day starts with immersing the idol in water and sandalwood powder among other items. Interestingly, during the winters, the idol washed with hot water. This practice continues till the onset of Mahashivratri. Fifty-six varieties of food are offered to Baba Mahaka before being distributed to devotees under the Anna Daan programme. (ANI)