Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra (Photo/ANI)
Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra (Photo/ANI)

Union Minister Ajay Mishra claims BJP will win over 350 seats in 2022 UP polls

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2021 00:51 IST

New Delhi [India], July 25 (ANI): Union Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra on Sunday claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party will win more than 350 seats in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.
Speaking to ANI, Mishra said, "Keeping in view of the current political situation, the Bharatiya Janata Party will return to power by winning more than 350 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections that are scheduled to be held next year."
The Union Minister was responding to a question about BJP's strategy if the Opposition parties will form an alliance to oust the ruling party from power in the state.
Mishra said that all Opposition parties fought together in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections but they lost.
"I assure you that we will again bring 350 seats in Uttar Pradesh," he added.
Out of a total of 403 Assembly seats, BJP had won 325 seats, Samajwadi Party and its allies won 54 seats, BSP won 19 seats and others won 5 seats respectively in 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Polls.
Mishra said that the development work done by the Central and state governments in Uttar Pradesh has had a positive impact on the people. "This is the reason why the Opposition has no issues to protest against today," he said.
Mishra said the BJP has made a qualitative change in the state by providing houses, electricity, water, roads, rails, toilets among other facilities.
"As a result of which, they (opposition) do not have any issue. So now, they have only two issues to go to the election. Either they divide people's interests in the name of religion, caste or they follow our way of working," he said.
Targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for taking a jibe on a 'Mann Ki Baat' in a tweet, the Union Minister said: "On COVID-19 vaccination front, we are running one of the largest drive in the whole world. Close to 42 crore vaccinations have been done in the country. This is how we have tried to connect."
"Even very big developed countries could not give such effective results and you are seeing the efforts of our India's health workers, scientists, administration, doctors. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, he himself does not know what he says, when he says it. Hence, it is not necessary to comment on them", Mishra added.
It is worth mentioning that today Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 79th time through Mann Ki Baat, in which he appealed to the people to follow the COVID protocol during the festive season. (ANI)