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Union Minister of Rural Development Giriraj Singh (Photo/ANI)
Union Minister of Rural Development Giriraj Singh (Photo/ANI)

Union Minister Giriraj Singh flays Rajasthan CM over 'rape law' remarks

ANI | Updated: Aug 08, 2022 16:02 IST

New Delhi [India], August 8 (ANI): Lashing out at Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for his remarks on the rape law, Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Monday said the Congress leader's statement is an attack on the country's women and will instigate people with ulterior motives.
Speaking to ANI, Singh said, "It seems that the arrogance of power has overtaken Congress Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot Ji. As a result, he is making such remarks against daughters. Gehlot Ji has made Rajasthan a jungle raj. The appeasement politics resulted in beheading. But he does not care about it."
"Gehlot is giving the message that through anarchism, he will stay in power in Rajasthan. There cannot be more shameful than the way he made statements about daughters. It is an attack on Indian culture and women. This kind of statement increases the morale of those people who do misdeeds against women," added the Minister.
Gehlot on Friday said that after the law to hang the rape accused came into force, incidents of murder after rape have increased across the country.

The Chief Minister made this statement in Delhi during the demonstration by Congress against the Central government over price rise and unemployment.
He further said that "after the Nirbhaya case, the demand to hang the accused gained momentum and after that, the law came into force. Since then, there has been an increase in the cases of murder of women after rape."
"Due to the law on the hanging of culprits after the Nirbhaya case, the incidents of murder after rape have increased. This is a dangerous trend being seen in the country," said Rajasthan CM.
Gehlot claimed that the trend of murder after rape has reached an alarming level across the country.
"The rapist feels that the victim will become a witness against the accused. In such a situation, the accused finds it right to kill the victim. The reports that are coming from all over the country show a very dangerous trend. The situation in the country is not good," he added. (ANI)