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UDF convenor, MM Hasan (photo/ANI)
UDF convenor, MM Hasan (photo/ANI)

United Democratic Front stages protest against Kerala government over "back door appointments"

ANI | Updated: Dec 08, 2022 20:31 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], December 8, (ANI): Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) Thursday staged a protest at Ernakulam Collectorate against the Kerala government over alleged "back door appointments" and accused the Pinarayi Vijayan government of being anti-people.
Attacking the Kerala govt, senior Congress leader and also UDF convenor MM Hassan said, "Communist Party of India (Marxist) leaders are in control of Public Service Commission (PSC) and Employment Exchange. Now, it can be called the Public Service Communist Commission."
MM Hasan also attacked govt over 3 lakh alleged "back door appointments" in government institutions.
"CPI(M) secretaries have been inducted in government posts. Chief Minister Vijayan is not paying much attention to the problem of unemployment faced by youth in the state. Wives of state Ministers, Speakers and Chief Minister's Private Secretary were inducted through back door into state universities," he added.
UDF Convenor called on the government to cancel all appointments made through the "back door."
MM Hasan also accused the state government of "attempting to remove" the Governor Arif Mohammad Khan from the post of chancellor of state universities in Kerala, by introducing a bill in the state assembly recently.
"The bill to remove the governor from the post of chancellor is being moved to make way to appoint members from the Communist Party of India. On the one hand, Governor is indulging in saffronisation inside universities, on the other hand, CM Vijayan is attempting to make them red (symbol of communism)," Hasan said.

"The UDF has maintained that the appointment of Gopinath Ravindran as Vice Chancellor of Kannur University was disputed. If the appointment had been made on merit, the court would not have challenged its appointment," he added.
The UDF convenor attacked Chief Minister Vijayan for failing to fulfil the 40 lakh jobs promise.
"He (Vijayan) brings such policies to make sure that one person in a Marxist family gets a job. The promise of 40 lakh jobs made by Chief Minister Vijayan has not been fulfilled," he added.
MM Hasan also accused the centre of being responsible for inflation and price hike.
"Common people are struggling in Kerala. This is an anti-people government. Even water has been taxed here. First, the Centre is to be held responsible for the price hike, then the government of Pinarayi Vijayan," Hasan said.
UDF Convenor said they will 'intensify' protests to 'mount pressure' on the government to withdraw backdoor appointments in state institutions.
"Even if we (UDF) protest for 365 days, this government's wrongdoings will not end," he said. (ANI)