UP police extends helping hand to family threatened by miscreants

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India] Apr. 13 (ANI): The Uttar Pradesh Police is playing a friendly role by providing security to a family in Shahjahanpur, who are being threatened by a gang of young boys forcing them to become hostage in their own house. The family has been forced to stay in their house for 12 days because of mistreatment by the gang. The mischief of the miscreants is so strong that they enter the house and take the boy from the family forcefully and when the family tried to oppose the goons then they misbehaved with the daughter and tore her clothes. The matter is of Makku Bajariya of Shahjahanpur's Sadar Bazar police station. The entire family of Sangeeta Bajpayi has been forced to remain hostage in their own house for the past 12 days in the fear of the gang. According to Bajpayi, those boys are from her colony itself. Kapil Shukla, Kunal and Anmol, who along with 10-12 boys enter the house without permission and misbehave with the family. "They assault my daughter, Neha and tear off her clothes. When my son tries to help her sister those goons start to fire in the air and abuse us in front of the entire colony. They threaten us to not leave the house. It has become a nightmare for my family," Bajpayi told ANI. When the family informed the police about the situation, the police deployed a security guard at the house to protect the family. On the other hand, Neha is afraid to sit for her examination as she cannot step out of the house due to the fear of being harassed. "What will we eat and how will we do our jobs if those boys are constantly threatening us?" Bajpayi said. The gang is so confident of their deeds that they even beat up people of the colony, but the leniency of the police has built up their confidence. However, Bajpayi has filed a complaint of molestation and assault. "Soon the accused will be arrested and the family will no longer have risk of life," the police officials said. (ANI)