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Uttarakhand: Offroad motor event held in Haldwani to promote adventure tourism

| Updated: Oct 03, 2016 14:03 IST

Haldwani (Uttarakhand) [India], Oct. 3 (ANI): Members of the Kumaon OffRoaders Club here have performed an offroad motor adventure in the Gaula River and rugged hilly terrain to attract adventure motor sports lovers and hill rovers to Nainital District to promote adventure sports and tourism. Club members believe that nature and geography have endowed Uttarakhand, especially Nainital and Haldwani, with all those suitable things - such as natural beauty, rugged hilly and inhospitable terrain and roads - that will enthuse adventure motorists and sports lovers. During their first ever performance in the region, the club's offroad motor adventurers drove through the river, rugged hilly terrain to demonstrate how interesting motor adventure could be in this region of the state, which people applauded and enjoyed. Club members are of the opinion that if the Uttarakhand Government promotes offroad adventure sports and tour along with tourism, it has the great potential to attract offroad adventurers and hill rovers to the state. Kumaon OffRoaders Club president Vikas Kirola told ANI, "The purpose of the offroad performance was to promote adventure motor sports in Uttarakhand. We are motivating people to adopt the adventure motor sports and perform with safety. We have formed the club so that the sports can be promoted as many states have moved much ahead with it." Kirola further said, "The geography of Uttarakhand is very suitable for adventure motor sports. Recently, we have gone to Chandigarh, where and people practising adventure motor sports for a long, we left them behind. We can take the sports to national as well as international level. Local offroaders enjoyed it very much." Devendra Kumar, one of the participants, said, "We are in it since long, however, after the club was formed, we practise after every 10-15 days. We want to connect this sports with tourism. The Himalayan Car Rally was organised 20 years back, then the adventure motor sports was not in Uttarakhand. We want to take the sports forward with the help of the state government, because the state has huge potential for it." (ANI)