WB: Leopard enters residential area, creates panic

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

North Dinajpur(West Bengal) [India], Jan. 3 (ANI):A leopard entered into a residential area in West Bengal's North Dinajpurand attacked locals, leaving at least one injured. The incident took place in Raiganj town as several attempts by forest officials and locals to capture or tranquilise the wild animal failed. The injured has been admitted to a nearby hospital. The Forest Departement officials later on captured the leopard. Wild animals like leopards, panthers and elephants cause human and material loss in villages bordering forest areas as they often stray into inhabited areas in search of food. The increasing human population has depleted the habitat of wild animals thus forcing them to stray into human settlements-attacking people and cattle-and often getting killed in return. (ANI)