We should move in progressive direction: BJP on uniform civil law

| Updated: Oct 13, 2016 21:28 IST

New Delhi [India[, Oct 13 (ANI): Reacting to the assertion of the Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) that they would boycott the uniform civil law board, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that the former should accept change for protecting the fundamental rights of women. BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said that many other Islamic countries moving in progressive direction have amended laws for betterment of women and similarly India should also take steps to bring gender equality. "Let me tell you about these Islamic nations for instance Pakistan, Morocco, Indonesia and Iran, in these countries the governments have brought changes in regard to fundamental rights for protecting rights for women and gender equality , these countries are not looking back but are moving towards progressive society. Personal law board people are misinformed and if they cannot understand then it is high time for them to introspect," said Singh. The Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) earlier in the day said they will boycott the Uniform Civil Law as they feel it is not good for the nation. "We will boycott the questionnaire sent by the Law Commission and we have decided that Muslims of the country will not answer this question as it is not acceptable and not good for the nation," Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani of the Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) said at a press conference here. Rahmani said that there are a number of people living in this country belonging from different cultures and added that to bind the culture under one unique code is not acceptable. Quoting the Indian Constitution, Rahmani said, "Everyone is living in this country with an agreement held by the constitution and the Constitution has made everyone live and practice their religion." He, however, expressing disappointment over the situation of Muslims in the country and said that the Muslim community equally participated in India's freedom struggle, but their participation is always underestimated. Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, Rahmani said, "Modi government is applying diversionary tactics. We are satisfied with our own religious rules." He decline to comment on triple talaq and said that they stand by the affidavit filed in the court regarding the matter. The Law Commission earlier last week sought public opinion on the exercise of reforming family laws of all religions. The commission has reportedly appealed to members of religious, minority and social groups, non-government organisations, to present their views through a questionnaire on a range of issues, including the practice of triple talaq, the right to property for a woman citizen and polygamy. However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has been defending the triple talaq system and termed the filing of the affidavit as 'un-islamic.' They claim that triple talaq is a personal law and the Centre has no right to modify it. (ANI)