What could be more demoralising for Pakistan that China showed it its place: Swamy

| Updated: Oct 02, 2016 00:24 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 1 (ANI): Observing that "Pakistan's politics in the ICU" (Intensive care Unit) and "sustaining on the life support system", Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said what could be more demoralising for Islamabad that, whom it trusted fully had showed it (Pakistan) its place. "Pakistan's politics is in the ICU (Intensive care Unit), and sustaining on the life support system, where nobody respects government and the military is directionless, whereas Commander-in-Chief seeking extension to avoid retirement," Swamy told ANI. "And China, on which Pakistan had full faith, categorically said that both India and Pakistan are its neighbours and they should resolve their disputes through dialogue. What could be more demoralising for Pakistan that, whom it trusted fully, had showed it its place? Thus, Pakistan is in a shock and its condition has so deteriorated that it is in the ICU," he added. Talking about the surgical strike conducted by the Indian Army on Pakistani terror launch pads, the member of Rajya Sabha said, "What we had done was not aimed at teaching a lesson to Pakistan. We knew that they were planning to send four (terrorists) from each of the terror launch pads, who would have inflicted huge damage to India, as they did in Uri and Pathankot." "Our knowledge is also enhanced, because we learnt their modus operandi from Uri and Pathankot, and destroyed their launch pads, which Pakistan cannot use now. The entire world praised our action and welcomed it. Even Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries have also supported us on it. Pakistan has now been isolated completely," said Swamy. "We prevented terrorist from striking India (by conducting surgical strike), and Pakistan should not dare to do it again, else we will destroy their roots now," he warned. (ANI)