BJP national secretary Anupam Hazra
BJP national secretary Anupam Hazra

What would CM of 'unpeaceful' West Bengal do at international peace summit: BJP leader

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2021 10:59 IST

New Delhi [India], September 26 (ANI): After Mamata Banerjee's uproar over not being allowed to attend the global peace meet in Rome, BJP national secretary Anupam Hazra called West Bengal an 'unpeaceful state' and asked what would a Chief Minister of such a state do at an international peace summit.
"Mamata Banerjee represents an unpeaceful state. What will someone who runs the most violent state do at a Peace Summit?" said the BJP leader.
The comment came after Mamata Banerjee claimed that the Central government had disallowed her attendance at a global peace meet in Rome, where she was the only invitee from the country, "out of jealousy".
Commenting on Banerjee's "I am a Hindu" comment, Hazra said is now suddenly raising the Hindu issue. "Everyone knows that she is a Hindu woman. What is the need of pointing it out now? She is playing the Hindu card now, it is a little funny in this context," he said.
Expressing concern over the "risk of spoiling India's image on a global platform", Hazra said, "PM Modi has created a reputation for India in the last 7 years. At a global platform like this one, we do not want a personality like hers to go and spoil what's been built (reputation)," he added.
"She cannot be trusted with her words at a global platform. Just recently, she compared the BJP workers to a dead dog. What even was her statement; why would Modi Ji be jealous of her?" he added.
Claiming that the West Bengal Chief Minister lost her MLA seat due to her own mistakes, Hazra said, "Why would the Prime Minister of the country, a man who is counted among the top five powerful leaders of the world, be jealous of her?"

Hazra also raised questions on Banerjee's invitation to the event and said that he doubts "there is a link between the Catholic association and her".
Reacting to Banerjee's comment that TMC alone can unseat BJP in Centre and that the 'Khela' would begin from Bhabanipur by-polls and finish after winning India, Hazra said that the BJP is not taking her seriously.
"She should focus on the fact that she is getting a second chance and should save her MLA seat at Bhabanipur first," he said.
"She keeps talking about 'Khela' over and over again. West Bengal is the only state where no work is done, just 'Khela hobe'. BJP wants to change this culture of games and wants to begin a culture of work instead," he added.
Further, Hazra claimed that Banerjee might try to play the 'sympathy card' again, and said, "I think didi may have said so much because she is under a lot of pressure due to the by-polls campaigns. She is afraid that she might not win this time."
Earlier, Banerjee had attacked the Centra government and said, "I am not eager to visit foreign countries, but this was about the respect of the nation. You (PM Modi) keep talking about Hindus, I am also a Hindu woman, why did you not allow me? You are totally jealous."
The Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced the schedule of by-polls to be held in the state. According to the schedule, the by-election in Bhabanipur Assembly Constituency in West Bengal will be held on September 30. (ANI)